Committees are a critical part of GNAA operations as each committee is responsible for specific aspects of GNAA. Committees are powered by GNAA members who participate in committees that they find most rewarding to be a part of. Each committee generally has 2 co-chairs who are appointed by the Chairman of GNAA.

Committee Information

All active GNAA members are welcome to join any committees of interest and to participate in committee meetings. With such a variety of committees, all members are encouraged to find at least one committee to join. Check out the committee descriptions below to find committees that interest you! You can contact us to be added to the email lists of specific committees.

What is the Apartment Tour Committee?
The Apartment Tour Committee organizes the annual Apartment Tour that highlights 4 apartment communities who are tied together with a tour theme. The committee arranges the transportation, tour itinerary, lunch location and other details to ensure a smooth, enjoyable tour for participants and attendees. 

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2021 Apartment Tour Committee Co-Chairs:
Gia Suastegui
Bridge Property Management
Wes Schmitz

What is the Awards Committee?
The Awards Committee oversees the organization and judging procedures for the annual Apartment Community Beautification Awards, annual Diamond Awards and other award areas. The awards are presented at the annual GNAA Awards Gala & Installation.

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2021 Apartment Tour Committee Co-Chairs:
Dwayne Rawls
Wheeler, Inc.
JD Wright
Universal Media Group, Inc.

What is the Budget and Finance Committee?
The Budget and Finance Committee provides oversight by monitoring and maintaining the budget for GNAA. This committee is appointed by the GNAA Board of Directors

2021 Budget and Finance Committee Co-Chairs:
Kirby Davis
Freeman Webb Company
Zac Ward
Freeman Webb Company

What is the Communications Committee?
The Communications Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss, plan and execute the GNAA Communication Strategic Plan that covers GNAA social media and marketing campaigns as well as working through the best ways to communicate to and engage with all GNAA members. Committee members do not have to be on the marketing or communications side of the multi-family industry to be a part of this committee; this committee welcomes professionals from all sides of the industry.

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2021 Communications Committee Co-Chairs:
Stephanie Burns
NTS Development
John Sons
Burlington Capital

What is the Community Service Committee?
The Community Service Committee offers a unique opportunity for GNAA members to get involved in giving back to the community with sponsored events and contributions for displaced and/or homeless residents and underprivileged children. This committee maintains the Emergency Relief Program to help rental housing residents displaced by natural disasters.

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2021 Community Service Committee Co-Chairs:
Jennifer McCoy
Law Office of Jennifer McCoy
Brigitte Byron
Brookside Properties

What is the Directory Commmittee?
The Directory Committee organizes and maintains the printed GNAA Directory that includes a Buyer's Guide as well as GNAA's online directory. The directory is published exclusively for the use of GNAA members and it is a tremendous resource for all multi-housing needs. 

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2021 Directory Committee Chair
Alice Ward

What is the Education Commmittee?
The Education Committee achieves the gold standard in education for GNAA, playing a key role in providing education courses for those new to the industry and those looking to advance their RPM careers, including management professionals and supplier partners. Programs include specialized courses, online courses and industry credential programs designed to result in industry designations of proficiency. GNAA educational programs are offered in a state-of-the-art training facility

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2021 Education Committee Co-Chairs:
Susan Sherfield
Mercy Housing
Dee Wilson
Freeman Webb Company

What is the Ethics Committee?
The Ethics Committee enforces the GNAA Code of Ethics to promote, employ and maintain a high standard of integrity and performance to all business obligations and services in the operation of each member's company purpose. In accordance with the regulations of the Code of Ethics, the Ethics Committee attempts to resolve any complaints or controversy among or against GNAA members. Members of the Ethics Committee are appointed by the GNAA Board of Directors.

2021 Ethics Committee Chair
Nancy Morris
Freeman Webb Company

What is the Gala Commmittee?
The Gala Committee is responsible for the GNAA's annual black-tie celebration Awards Gala that honors excellence in the multi-family industry over the past year by presenting awards to individuals and companies that have achieved outstanding accomplishments in many categories. The gala is the largest attended event for the GNAA, creating a memorable evening for the membership. This committee ensures everything related to the event is taken care of, from idea conception to décor, coordinating all the moving parts as well as day-of logistics.

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2021 Gala Committee Co-Chairs:
Tracey Crowe
Lion Real Estate Group
Linda Page
Stewarts Ferry Apartments

What is the Golf Commmittee?
The Golf Committee is responsible for GNAA's annual Golf Tournament that is a popular event that sells out quickly each year. The golf tournament also gives Supplier and Management Team members an opportunity to network in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a day on the golf course. Other festivities during the tournament include silent auctions and fun awards such as Best Dressed Team and Best Decorated Hole that make this event one-of-a-kind!  Being on the Golf Committee can help foster professional connections and create memories that will last far beyond the old 9-5.

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2021 Golf Committee Co-Chairs
Lacey Smithson
GreenWay Waste & Recycling
Sully Lemmons
Freeman Webb Company

What is the Governance Committee?
The Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing GNAA's structures and practices of the organization and reporting its findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors. This committee is exclusve to Active Past Chairmen only. 

2021 Governance Committee Co-Chairs

Shelley James
High 5 Residential
Lisa Swick
Bell Partners, Inc.

*To join this committee you must be a past GNAA Leadership Lyceum graduate.

What is the Leadership Lyceum Commmittee?
The Leadership Lyceum helps develop and hone the skills necessary to meet today’s challenges and be an effective leader through an exclusive leadership development program for candidates who have been nominated by their management company or selected through a competitive application process. Members of this committee maintain the Leadership Lyceum principles and select nominees who will enter the program.

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2021 Leadership Lyceum Committee Co-Chairs
Chari Lewis
Giarratana Management
Stacy Molen
Fogelman Properties

What is the Legislative Committee?
The Legislative Committee brings important legal issues in the rental housing industry to the attention of the Board of Directors for consideration. The committee actively monitors legislative issues that could impact GNAA on local, state and federal levels. 

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2021 Legislative Committee Co-Chairs
Wes Hall
Law Office of Hall & Associates
Brad Cather
Elmington Property Management

What is the Maintenance Committee?
The Maintenance Committee is tasked to plan and organize GNAA's Maintenance Mania, and to bring new ideas to help make the event more fun and create more involvement from maintenance teams around Greater Nashville. Maintenance Mania is a national competition where maintenance professionals compete against each other in skill-based games built around common maintenance activities. Winners from each local event get a chance to qualify for a spot at the National Championship held at the annual NAA Education Conference & Exposition.

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2021 Maintenance Committee Co-Chairs
Diane Mason
The Place at Fifth + Broadway
Jeremy Byrd
RAM Partners, LLC

What is the Membership Committee?
The Membership Committee is a key to strengthening GNAA by offering a unique blend of membership services that include opportunities for networking, volunteer leadership and community involvement by recruiting, welcoming and retaining GNAA members. This committee also maintains the Go-Getter Program, a referral program rewarding current members who refer new members with a monetary bonus. Join the Membership Committee to help plan and participate in GNAA quarterly connections to educate and excite our members on opportunities within the association.

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2021 Membership Committee Co-Chairs
Anne Adams
Arlington Properties
Lacey Smithson
GreenWay Waste & Recycling

What is the News and Events Committee?
The News and Events Committee is tasked with planning each issue of GNAA's News and Events Magazine, meeting once a month to explore creative content to publish in upcoming issues. The magazine is distributed both online and print formats. Whether new to the industry or a seasoned professional, all are welcome to join the News and Events Committee. In addition to getting a first-hand account of all upcoming events, committee members also network with industry leaders and share ideas about what would be beneficial to the News and Events magazine and GNAA members. 

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2021 News and Events Committee Co-Chairs
Stephanie Liston
Lighthouse Property Management
Andrew Klahn
Grande View Apartments

What is the NextGen Committee?
The NextGen Committee engages new multi-family professionals and rising leaders through networking, community outreach and career development. Past GNAA events hosted by NextGen have included Head Shot Happy Hour and Coffee & Connections. NextGen collaborates closely with the Education Committee to host at least one annual educational event geared towards the interests of NextGen members. NextGen also supports the Community Service Committee in their endeavors by participating in some of their events including a NextGen booth at the annual Beers, Butts and BBQ. This committee meets on a monthly basis and is open to all GNAA members working within the rental housing industry.

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2021 NextGen Committee Co-Chairs
Stephanie Burns
NTS Development
Katherine Morrow
Venue at Cool Springs

What is the Programs Committee?
The Programs Committee is responsible for planning the quarterly General Membership meetings as well as events that are the best way to stay educated on multi-family industry trends and legal issues. The meetings and events also provide great networking opportunities for members.

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2021 Programs Committee Chair:
Jenn Mulholland
Lincoln Property Company

What is the Statistics Committee?
The Statistics Committee drives the GNAA's Quarterly Market Survey GIS. The survey provides updates to individual community data featured in the interactive GIS system (included with your GNAA membership) plus downloadable reports. Join this committee to be in-the-know about speculative construction, construction underway and community sales, as well as, occupancy and rental rates. This committee thrives on participation and looks forward to sharing everyone’s knowledge!

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2021 Statistics Committee Co-Chairs
Mary Bradley
Arlington Properties
Tina Hamor
Vita Residential

What is the Strategic Planning Committee?
The Strategic Planning Committee consistently reviews the GNAA Strategic Plan to monitor the association's progress in reaching its set goals. The Strategic Plan is updated every 3 years with a focus on initiatives and goals in the areas of Communication, Education, Membership and Government Affairs. This committee is exclusively led by this year's Vice Chairman and Chairman Elect.

2021 Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs
Tracey Crowe
Lion Real Estate Group
Stephanie Liston
Lighthouse Property Management

What is the Trade Show Committee?
The Trade Show Committee is responsible for planning and executing the GNAA's annual trade show. Member companies gain maximum exposure by showcasing their products and services at the trade show in front of hundreds of multi-family industry professionals with purchasing power.

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2021 Trade Show Committee Co-Chairs
Jennifer McCoy
Law Office of Jennifer McCoy
Loyd Owen
Bug Solutions