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Education Certifications, Credentials and CECs
  • I took a course and need my certification/CECs. How do I get a copy of it?
    • Certifications are located in your account when you log in and they can be both downloaded and printed. 

  • How often does GNAA offer specific education courses? 
    • GNAA generally offers a course once a year, although exceptions are made when enough member interest warrants a second offering. You can find a list of our current offerings on our Education Calendar. If you have suggestions or questions about education course offerings, please contact us.

  • How do I earn CECs to maintain my credential designation?
  • Does GNAA turn in my CECs to NAA?
    • No, it is each person's responsibility to submit his or her own CECs to NAA. Learn more about CECs and where to send in CECs to maintain your designation on our page Professional Designations and CECs.

Event and Education Course Registrations
  • Where can I see if I am registered for an event/education course? 
    • Log in to your account to find a list of any events and education course that you are currently registered to attend. If you do not see an event or education course on your registration list, you can register on the Events Calendar page.

  • I registered for an event/education course but I can no longer attend. Can I transfer or cancel my registration? 
    • Once you have registered for an event or education class you are committed to that registration and any associated fees. However, you are able to transfer your registration to someone else in your organization at no cost. Please review the GNAA Registration Policy for more details.

  • The event/education course I registered for has been postponed. Can I cancel my registration?
    • Please read the GNAA Registration Policy for more details on postponements. Members can transfer the registration to a member within their organization at no cost.

  • The event/education course I registered for has been cancelled by GNAA. What happens now?
    • If an event/education course is cancelled by GNAA for any reason, members will receive a refund or their account will be credited with the refund amount.

  • I'd like to bring a non-member to a GNAA event. How do I register non-members for events?
    • Members are not allowed to bring non-members to events without prior consent from GNAA (note: in the case of some events, it will be made clear if members can bring non-member spouses as guests). If GNAA approves a member to bring a non-member to an event, the member will be charged for the non-member's registration.

Invoices and Payments
  • I need a copy of an invoice, how can I get a copy?
  • How can I pay my invoice via credit card?
    • After logging into your account, you will be able to view invoices and make credit card payments. You can also store a credit card in your account for easy access when paying invoices.

  • I found out my invoice is overdue. Have I been sent to collections? 
    • GNAA makes every attempt to contact members for payments on overdue invoices to prevent sending invoices to collections. If overdue invoices reach 120 days with no payment, the invoices amounts are turned over to collections and the member will no longer be allowed to register for events/education courses.

Quarterly Market Survey
  • What is the GNAA Quarterly Market Survey and how do I access it?
    • The GNAA Quarterly Market Survey is an in-house data report researched and created by GNAA. The market survey can be found under the Members menu tab. However, the market survey is only accessible on this website to current GNAA members who are logged into their accounts.

  • I'm not a member but would like to view the Quarterly Market Survey. Is this possible?
    • GNAA does allow non-members to purchase a subscription to the Quarterly Market Survey. Please contact us directly to get details on the Market Survey subscription program.