Beautification Awards

Each spring the call goes out for GNAA members to enter their properties in the Beautification Awards. A panel of judges selects the top 3 communities from a variety of categories and awards them 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. 

The Beautification Award Judging is based on the following criteria: Front Entrance (including curb appeal, appropriate signage, and flowers), Landscaping (including trees, flowers, and mulching), Signage (including building identification and directional and/or amenity signage), and Overall Property Condition (including parking lots, building exteriors, and trash removal areas). The Beautification Awards categories that a property can be entered into include:

  • Best Communities Aged New to 5 Years
  • Best Communities Aged 6 - 10 Years
  • Best Communities  Aged 11 - 25 Years
  • Best Communities Aged 26 - 39 Years
  • Best Communities Aged 40+ Years

Best Clubhouse

The Best Clubhouse Award Judging is based on the following criteria: Front Entrance (including curb appeal and appropriate signage), Cleanliness (including smell, freshness, and tidiness), Furnishings (including quality, design, and overall use of the available space), Originality (including the level of creativity in the decoration of the clubhouse), and Design (including the overall design of the clubhouse).

Best Pool

The Best Pool Award Judging is based on the following criteria: Cleanliness (including water is sparkling/ crystal clear, No debris floating on top of the water, perimeter tile in the pool is clean, and the interior of the pool is clean and free of stains), Best Practice (including Health Department Inspections are posted, pool rules and regulations are posted, emergency contact numbers are posted, and life-saving equipment is readily available and appears to be in good repair), Pool Furniture and Fencing (including pool furniture is clean and in good repair, a pool fence is free of chipping paint and is in good repair, and gate latch operates correctly), and Overall Impression (including Pool deck is free of trash and debris, the overall appearance of the pool area is well maintained, and overall appearance of the deck area has no cracks or stains). 

Best Flowers

The Best Flowers Award Judging is based on the following criteria: First Impression (including: clean, green, weed-free, edged, crisp, pruned, and eye-catching color), Front Entrance (including: inviting, interesting, varied colors, and appropriate heights), Office/ Clubhouse Entry (large blocks of color, appropriate heights), and Amenity/ Courtyard/ Walk by Beds (including: clean, full, weed free, coordinating colors and textures, and appropriate heights). 

Best Maintenance Shop

The Best Maintenance Shop Award Judging is based on the following criteria: Safety (SDS current & categorized, shop door locked & secure, fire extinguisher registration current, first aid kit and adequate supplies including eye wash, emergency contact numbers posted, lockout/ tagout kit, and bloodborne pathogens supplies/ requirements), Hazardous Conditions (personal protective equipment, chemical storage requirements, and HAZMAT communication, condition and storage of equipment, pressurized vessels properly stored, adequate lighting, and trip hazards), Organization (cleanliness of shop, exterior appearance of shop, supplies categorized such as HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance, etc., supplies labeled with part numbers, inventory purchased, equipment inventory with serial #s, parts list, site map, and refrigerant logs) and Other (including repair reference/ materials, preventative maintenance program, vendor contact list, and employee contact list). 

Best Model 

The Best Model Award Judging is based on the following criteria: Location (is the walk to the model pleasant and welcoming?), Front Entrance (including: is the front door well marked and inviting?), Cleanliness (including: Does the model look and smell clean and fresh?), Furnishings (including: Are the furnishings of good quality and design, and do they make the best use of the available space?), Creativity (including the level of creativity utilized in the decoration of the model), Design (including the overall design of the apartment), and Overall Effect (rating the impact this model would have on the decision to lease). 

  • Best Renovation
  • Best of the Best

Communities may enter in more than one category. Winners of each category will be named at the annual Awards Gala. One apartment community takes home the coveted prize of being named "Best of the Best" out of all the entries in the Beautification Awards. Submissions typically open in spring and close in early June.