For Renters

GNAA is an association that serves as a resource for stakeholders (property management companies, apartment communities and suppliers) in the rental housing industry. GNAA is not able to directly assist renters with issues that may arise between them and their apartment community/property management company.

GNAA encourages renters to directly communicate with their apartment community management as the best first step to attempt to resolve a dispute. Should communication not provide an answer for renters, the contacts below may be of service to renters seeking assistance on a variety of issues and topics.

Renter Resources Links
  • MAC Hope Rental Assistance Portal Closes June 30, 2022 
    • Nashville, TN—The Metropolitan Action Commission will close its HOPE rental assistance
      portal for new applications on June 30. Beginning, July 1, the Tennessee Housing Development
      Agency will expand its portal to allow Davidson County residents still experiencing the impact
      of COVID to apply for rental help.

  • MAC Provices Air Conditioners for Elderly, Disabled & Residents with Medical Conditions
    • Nashville, TN— As the temperatures are increasing the Metropolitan Action Commission is reminding vulnerable Davidson County residents of its Summer Cooling program. Metro Action Commission provides fans and air conditioner window units to vulnerable residents at no cost to the applicant. To qualify for the program, the household must have at least one child younger than 6 or an adult who is disabled or has a medical condition that requires them to be in a cool environment.  Residents age 62 years or older are also eligible. The household income must not exceed federal poverty guidelines. 

  • Nashville Rents Have Jumped 19%. Here are some leads to find affordable housing.
    • In 2019, more than 10,000 people applied when the agency was accepting applications. The agency only received enough money to support around 6,500 families. Plus, over the last decade, MDHA has lost 500 landlords willing to accept vouchers.                                                                                                                           

  • Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and The Cumberlands
    • The Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and The Cumberlands is Tennessee's largest nonprofit law firm. Their mission is to enforce, advance, and defend the legal rights of low-income and vulnerable people in order to obtain for them the basic necessities of life. Legal Aid Society is committed to the principle that all citizens are due equal representation under the law.