Celebrating the GNAA Education Sponsors


In celebrating our education sponsors, GNAA would like to remind our members about the upcoming 2022 GNAA Education Conference on May 10th. The conference is located at the Omni Hotel. Registration begins at 8:30 am. As part of attending the conference, attendees will receive 6 continuing education credits. Coffee break and lunch are included. Speakers are Lindsey Pollak, Dave Rendall, Valerie M. Sargent, Rich George, and Mark Howell.

Hear from a few of our Education Sponsors on why education at GNAA is essential to advancing your career in the multifamily industry:

Learning is one of our Core Values at Signal 88 Security: Learning: “We learn something every day by holding an open-minded approach to everything we do.” -Huston Adkins, Signal 88

Education is one of the three main pillars of our Mission at GNAA. We feel that it is our privilege; maybe even a responsibility, to continue our sponsorship of the Educational Opportunities that are available to our membership. Education is vital to professional improvement, new opportunities, and the advancement of our industry in a constantly changing environment. -Brad Cather, Elmington Property Management

Brookside Properties, Inc. is committed to hiring great people and giving them the tools to unleash their potential.  Our team members are the heart of our organization, and we take pride in our staff of dedicated and self-motivated individuals who will continue to grow with us.  One of the keyways to equip employees to be successful is to invest in their training.  Offering training to our employees increases their productivity and increases their commitment to our company. -Brigitte Byron, Brookside Properties, Inc.

The residential property management industry is always evolving, and it can be a challenge to keep up with certifications and the latest trends. As a technology provider, Yardi is proud to help our clients and the industry as a whole keep growing their knowledge and skills. We value the effort that GNAA provides to ensure their members have the professional education they need. – Tom McDermott, VP Residential Sales, Yardi

“Education of our membership is one the pillars of GNAA and its mission.  We are always proud to further that initiative through our sponsorship of the wide variety of educational opportunities that GNAA offers.” -Nathan Lybarger, Law Office of Hall & Associates

“We have been an education sponsor for the past 3 years and it has been one of the most rewarding sponsorships for us. The Liberty Group is a huge advocate for expanding knowledge and garnering growth within your company. We see the value in continuing education, earning credentials and becoming a leader within your industry. We truly enjoy attending and sponsoring the courses and meeting so many driven and exceptional people at those courses as well as the education conference. We look forward to being an education sponsor for many years to come.” Kelly Pendergrast, The Liberty Group