Why Supporting Education is Important from a Vendor's Perspective

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Why Supporting Education is Important from a Vendors Perspective Article

It is certainly no secret that education is essential to the growth of any organization. Without
regular training and development, we can become unmotivated and stagnant. The multi-family
sector in the Middle Tennessee area is rapidly changing and it is vital to continue to stay
educated. Regular training exercises and creative learning courses help develop new skills and
enhance confidence. Boosted confidence creates and encourages innovation, excitement, and

A trip down memory lane.

I still remember the first Leasing Boot Camp class I attended at the GNAA! I came back from
the class beaming with excitement and sharing lots of fresh new ideas with my manager. She
listened and allowed me to take the reins with my newfound knowledge and confidence. A few
months later, she shared her story with me on her first Leasing Boot Camp class and how she
too, came back ready to rule the Leasing world. The class, along with continued education led
to her successful career path to becoming a Property Manager. Over the years, my continued
education with the GNAA led me to become a “Powerhouse” Property Manager - a force to be
reckoned with, armed with confidence and fresh skills to be successful.

A Supplier Call to Action.

Transitioning to a supplier from an on-site Property Manager has given me an understanding of
why it is important to support education efforts. Specifically, as a supplier, it is important to invest
in our on-site associates who provide us with opportunities to serve them. Investing in the
growth of an individual helps to create long-term relationships. Don’t forget about the Leasing
Rockstars and Maintenance Technicians (AKA Superheros) - it is important to develop
relationships with everyone.

Within our organization, there are multiple ways to support education. You can become an
annual education sponsor which helps to support the instructors, lunches, and material for the
courses. You can also help by sponsoring an individual to take a class that they may not have
in their budget. It is a great way to deepen a client relationship!

Upcoming Courses

April 18th: CALP Course - Calling all Leasing Rockstars or Newbies. Reach out to a leasing
consultant you know and offer to sponsor this designation course for them (Psst…check with
their manager first, there is a time commitment here).
April 26th: HVAC Low Voltage Electrical Course - Support a Maintenance Technician with this
course. This is a great opportunity to help a technician gain additional skills needed to advance
his/her career.
May 10th: 2022 Education Conference - Talk with your clients. Are they budgeted for this
event? If not, offer to sponsor 1 or 2 team members to attend.
*Check out the GNAA Events Page for a complete list of courses offered.
“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” - Martin Luther King Jr.