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On Trend Education

 There is a small plaque on my desk with a quote attributed to Michelangelo. “Still, I am learning” or “Ancora imparo.” This gift was to remind us that our learning work is never done. Things change continuously in our industry, and we have to stay in tune with trends, technology, and what our residents really want. Just thinking about laminate, then granite, and now quartz countertops. Or pagers (beepers), blackberries, then cell phones for on-call work. 

Last month brought a trip to the International Builders Show (IBS), presented by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), to track emerging trends in materials, lighting, cabinets, etc. My two big takeaways were pizza ovens and hydroponic plants growing emerging as the customer wants. Fully aware of residents growing their plants in-home, we incorporate a herb garden in a clubhouse for a tour conversation piece. We are deploying our first pizza oven in an upcoming project in Virginia later this year. 

The show also offers a series of educational courses. The featured session was a demonstration of a 3D printer of tiny homes. While some may ask what this has to do with apartments? Like Uber, it could be a potential disruptor for all housing as a low-cost, fast solution to provide more affordable inventory. All are important things to learn about and understand how they impact our industry. I am still learning and encourage you to continue to do so as well.