Spring Has Sprung!

Posted By: Laura Watkins Blog,

Spring has sprung…and the dust bunnies aren’t just going to hop away!

While my home, most days, doesn’t reflect that of one to be giving cleaning advise, these are some helpful tips that we keep in mind to ensure The Sound at Pennington Bend remains looking like a “Beautification” winner.

  1. Put Fresh Eyes on It

That box of “stuff” in the corner of your office, that you always said you would get to, is still there.  But now, it has been there so long that it becomes part of the background- you don’t even notice it anymore.  So, you’re cleaning up, and you breeze right past that box.  Bring another set of eyes to the area being cleaned.  They are likely to shed light on things that didn’t even occur to you.

  1.  If You Don’t Use It, Lose It 

I’m the first one to admit that I look at something hanging in the closet that I haven’t worn in years and tell myself to keep it because I might wear it someday.  “Realistic Me” knows otherwise, but it stays anyway.  Do yourself a favor- if you haven’t used said item in over a year, it needs to go!

  1. Be the Prospect.  Be the Resident.

With beautiful weather finally arriving, step away from the computer and take several laps around your property.  But as you’re cruising, imagine that you are the prospect or resident.  What would you like to see?  Are the dead bushes by the building less than aesthetically pleasing?  Is it time for all the windows to be cleaned?  Maybe some areas need to be pressure washed.  With their perspective in mind, find those things that need some extra TLC.

We all know that time is never on our side when working on-site.  Lean on your team to help you give your property and office a deep clean this Spring.  Your residents, prospects, and owners will thank you!


-Laura D. Watkins / Property Manager / The Sound at Pennington Bend