On Trends: Spring Cleaning

Posted By: Lisa Gunderson Blog,

On Trend: Spring Cleaning

Last week, we had the annual inspection of the HVAC unit in our home. The technician recommended a vent cleaning for our system, and I will refrain from telling you how long we have lived here and not had them cleaned. Sometimes it is hard to focus on rarely-seen things, and our attention is drawn to immediate needs. This issue is our annual reminder to unpack all the things, dust them off, and put them back (unless you need to let some things go). Whenever possible, I try to determine how long it has been since I used something to evaluate if I really need to keep it. My tips for successful spring cleaning include making a schedule (to ensure you focus on the details), decluttering, tackling in sections -top to bottom, taking everything out, cleaning it, and putting it back neater than you found it.