NextGen Mentorship Program


In 2021, the NextGen Committee successfully launched a new Mentorship Program and it is something we are very excited to continue in 2022.  The NextGen Mentorship Program is open to all members of the GNAA who are interested in participating in the program by connecting with a mentor or a mentee.  This includes Management, Maintenance, and Supplier members.  The program provides a unique benefit to GNAA members who are new to the association, new to the field of multifamily, or simply would like to connect with a fellow seasoned leader for guidance, advice, and support. At the same time, the program offers an opportunity for longstanding members of the association and leaders and veterans in the multifamily industry to provide this support and direction. Read on for some testimonials from our mentors and mentees who found their partnerships to be very successful!

Mentor Testimonials:

  • My involvement in the NextGen Mentorship Program has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve been paired with a new business owner with whom I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences and lessons learned from building a company.  Although I like to think I’ve helped him, I certainly know he has helped me—being exposed to fresh new ideas and the excitement of starting something new has been so positive and rewarding!
  • As a Mentor, I find through combining accountability, connection, and growth, the Mentee and Mentor are both able to grow. I learn just as much from being a Mentor as I would if I was a Mentee. It's a chance to give back as well as receive a rewarding benefit. Some best practices are to have clearly articulated S.M.A.R.T. goals and keep the relationship simple. S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Keep it simple by meeting at regular intervals, often at the same place, for about an hour each time. 

Why get involved? Well, many people only learn from their mistakes; what if you could learn from someone else's?

  • Without hesitation, I volunteered as a Mentor when the NextGen committee announced the initiative to launch this program. I was excited about the opportunity to share my passion for the industry with someone equally passionate about their career path in multifamily. We continued to talk, email, and meet in person for several months, each interaction offering both of us an opportunity to gain knowledge. That’s the thing with multifamily, you can (and should) be a lifelong learner. No day is the same, no situation is the same, processes and technology evolve, methodologies change, laws are updated, and even the way we serve our residents regularly changes. This Mentorship program should be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. You will take from the program what you put in. The time I spent with my mentee fed my soul and we will continue to be in touch. I will gladly continue to answer any questions she may have or simply offer an ear to an industry colleague.  It was a pleasure to serve in the GNAA Mentorship program and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering participation! 

Mentee Testimonials:

- The GNAA mentorship program has been an excellent experience for me so far. Being relatively new to the industry my mentor has really been able to help me conceptualize some of the higher-level principles involved in property management. His input and feedback have been really valuable as I refine my skills and expand my knowledge base. It’s great to be able to have an outside perspective to be able to meet up with, run ideas by, and learn from. Our conversations have provided me with action steps to execute in my current role which hopefully results in better outcomes for the community I work at, the company I work for, and myself as I look to progress my career in the future.

-What’s working with your partner – tips/tricks to making it successful - A couple of things that I   try to hold myself accountable for:

-Respecting the mentor’s time by handling scheduling, note-taking, and following through. Most mentors are likely super busy. Try to make it a low hassle for them to engage.

-Preparing for each meeting and prioritizing what needs to get done and what topics to the cove. At the end of the meeting recapping takeaways and next steps – it helps you both digest what was covered.

-Not asking questions that can be answered by Google.

-Treating any introductions made by the mentor with as much respect and enthusiasm as I would the mentor.

-Seeking out opportunities to give back / reciprocate– whether it’s through business referrals, time, or supporting causes that they care about.

-Pass it on someday – “A Society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” – Greek Proverb

- Would you recommend the program to others? Yes! Even the best players need a coach.

Testimonial contributions by:

Jennifer McCoy – The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy

Joel Sanders – Apartment Insiders

Tammy Lee – Wood Residential

Wyatt Irwin – Commonwealth At 31 Apartments

George Vallone – Nuveldy’s Apartment Turnover Services

We had several very successful mentorship pairings in 2021 and look forward to many more in 2022!  If you are interested in participating in the mentorship program as a mentor or mentee, please contact Ginny Johnson at the GNAA office or the NextGen Committee Chairs: Nathan Lybarger with The Law Office of Hall & Associates or Meredith Dixon with NTS Development Company.

Mentor/Mentee Questionnaire

The below questionnaire is designed to help identify the most effective mentorship pairings, identify topics of interest, and provide a framework for potential goals and outcomes. 

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