Educational Success at the Conference: 3 years in the Making

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Educational Success at the Conference: 3 years in the Making

The 2022 GNAA Education Conference was a wonderful success with over 200 attendees. The Education Auction raised $2,271.00 for our Education Scholarship fund. Topics of discussion included Managing in the Multigenerational Workplace, Emotional Intelligence and You, Super Teamwork for Super Performance, Diversely Similar, Avoid Extinction, Rules for Highly Effective Leadership, What type of Communicator Are you?, and finally, Dave Rendall Brings the Freak Factor. A special thanks to our presenters, keynote speaker, Lindsey Pollak, Valerie M. Sargent, Rich George, Mark Howell, and the freak factor himself and closing speaker, Dave Rendall.

 We want to thank the Education committee chairs, Susan Sherfield and Dee Wilson and the rest of the committee for helping organize the conference and also, a special thanks to our Education Sponsors who without our education courses and conference would not be possible. Our education sponsors are as follows: Artisent Floors, Brookside Properties, Chadwell Supply, Elmington Property Management, Floors First Nashville, Freeman Webb Company, Law Office of Hall & Associates, The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy, Lighthouse Property Management, Lincoln Property Company, Signal 88 Security, The Hill Firm PLLC, The Liberty Group, Valet Living, UMG INC., and Yardi. Special thanks to the Education committee staff liaison, Ginny Johnson, GNAA Director of Education & Events. 

Attendee Quotes:

“GREAT CONFERENCE! Lots of hard work went into planning this event and it is very appreciated!”

“I think the event was FANTASTIC!!!! we appreciate everyone that worked so hard on this for 3 years!!! Thank you.”

“All the speakers I seen were awesome but I really liked their messages and it was a theme with all of them. They all talked about Generational gaps and communicating.”

“It was great to get together with everyone, in person, again. The 2 keynote speakers were amazing.”