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On Trend Diversity

We want our communities to reflect the people that live there. A mistake is that many developers focus on a specific target demographic in their design efforts. For example, we have all been to those properties that feel like they are recreating a nightclub experience in their interior design and marketing. This immediately alienates a larger group of potential renters because they feel excluded. 

How can we inclusively design? We begin by ensuring everyone is represented in our stock photo selection for our website. Is it time to revisit your imagery to make sure it is inclusive? Next, I remind my team on every project- this is not about you - the people who will live here. I might like an interior design choice, but it might be suitable for the project if I am trying to speak to a broader audience than just my specific representative niche. Next time you redecorate,  ask your team for input on what residents and prospects might want to see.