2021 Residential Property Management (RPM) Careers Week Roundup


Residential Property Management Careers Week, aka RPM Careers Weekannually celebrates the people who fuel the multifamily industry’s success. In honor of the week, we highlighed some of our 2021 Greater Nashville Apartment Association member RPMs sharing why they love what they do!

Evie F. DuBose with The Crossings of Bellevue Apartments:

“Supporting residents in residential properties provides you with a unique opportunity to meet people’s needs. This industry is very fulfilling and rewarding. Seeing the smile and relief on someone’s face when they find their new home is just magical. This industry allows you to connect with people that you might otherwise never meet! I leased to a couple in India and a woman in Beijing just last week. I was able to find the best option for them and they arrived in the States with peace of mind, knowing they had a home (and a new friend) already here!”

Tammy Lee with Wood Residential Services:

"The multifamily industry has made it possible for me to make a great living and provide my family with a wonderful life. It has given me opportunities to grow and excel in a career that I am incredibly proud of. It has allowed me opportunities to travel and see the country. It has fed my hunger for continuous learning and it has allowed me to share that passion for the industry with others. I have had the great fortune of developing solid working relationships with many other like-minded industry professionals. Most importantly, some of the strongest friendships I have in my life were forged while working side by side with the amazing people in this industry. I feel very lucky and am certainly honored to call this industry home.”

Annie Orso with Gale Lofts:

“Being in this role has been the most rewarding, challenging, and the absolute best learning experience in humility and character building. I have had the opportunity to live in three different states and experience so many different demographics. Nashville has, by far, been the best group of people that I have ever had the pleasure of leading through some of the hardest moments in my career: from a tornado, to a global pandemic, to challenges at my property; being able to show that resiliency, my residents have shown their true colors. As a first time Business Manager, I was truly blessed to be able to represent them and be able to lead them through our daily lives. There's no place I would rather be!”

Melissa Campbell with THS National:

“I absolutely love the industry and the ever-changing communities here in Nashville and surrounding cities. Our mission at THS, is to build People, Relationships and Communities. We consider ourselves much more than a renovation company. We are community builders. Our work affects the places people live, work, and play. As a result, our philosophy is people-centered. This unceasing focus on community drives everything we do, whether it’s as simple as turning a screw or as ambitious as a community transition.”