On Trend | All About That Pattern

Posted By: Lisa Gunderson Blog,

This spring it’s all about that pattern. Creating connection has never been more critical in residential. The look and feel of things evoke a sense memory. The aspirational aspect is key, whether recollection of home or the most sophisticated resort experience. As the dream weavers, our role is to create spaces where prospective residents make those connections, so they lease with us. Adding texture, dimension, and elegance has never been more accessible or affordable. New buildings have embraced an impact wall in the common area design with these new designs. Various themes of ethereal prints, depth, and angular patterns with metallics appear in the latest communities. The ultramodern feel is enhanced with textured wall coverings, furniture, dye cut fabric designs giving the feeling of luxury without the substantial cost. New impact wall coverings average under $2,000 for a ten-square-foot area.

Using these same materials, another emerging trend nods to the past. Mid Century modernist office trends embrace darker color schemes with darker palettes. We have seen the resurgence of the houndstooth pattern in fabrics used in seating areas. Faux leather wall covering adds that next-level touch in these areas.

Amenities can be easily updated with more than just paint for existing communities. That traditional accent wall can instead be covered with photo-realistic vinyl graphics. Allowing you to add color, context, and three-dimensional interest. Adding warmth and visual interest through patterns creates a connection for your residents. The average cost of these pre-printed designs is under $100 on Amazon.

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