On Trend

Posted By: Lisa Gunderson Blog,

November brought the opportunity to attend the NMHC’s [National Multi-Housing Council’s] Operations and Technology [OpTech] conference just outside of Washington DC.  There were three big takeaways to keep us all on-trend. 

  1. On-Demand Services. I would refer to this as the Uberization of services. The transition from having a cleaning vendor relationship to having a technology-based service that will supply a cleaner when you need it. 
  2. Platform-based smart home solutions. Smart technology has been adopted in homes across the country. This next progression is a management platform to monitor those devices to ensure they are working properly, manage vacant utilities, and leak detection awareness.  A resident-facing app helps access common areas, adds additional devices at their expense, and allows residents to control their unit access remotely. New and existing communities are rapidly adopting these platforms in conjunction with the next item. The average cost is $10 per unit, per month.
  3. Bulk Wi-Fi. Over 60% of new developments are specifying this in their communities under construction. Each resident has their own login for in-home and community-wide Wi-Fi at high speeds to affect video streaming, etc.  Thus, eliminating the need for traditional video services and providing an ecosystem for the aforementioned, smart things platform to exist. The average cost varies greatly from $15-40 per unit, per month.  Pass-through charge to the resident averages $50-80 depending on the services provided.