Greater Nashville Apartment Association achieves outstanding national recognition, continues to lead


The Greater Nashville Apartment Association (GNAA) isn't just leading the multi-family housing sector locally and statewide; they're setting the bar nationally, too.


With an outstanding score on the National Apartment Association's Net Promoter Score and more than 1,000 responses showcasing member satisfaction, GNAA is showing what dedication to excellence truly means.


“As the president of GNAA, I am immensely proud of our association’s dedication to excellence in serving our members," said Ginny Johnson, president of GNAA. “Achieving an outstanding score on the National Apartment Association’s Net Promoter Score is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our team. We strive to create a welcoming environment where members can connect, learn and grow, both locally and nationally. The feedback we’ve received reflects our ongoing efforts to provide valuable networking opportunities, a gold standard in education and a supportive community for professionals in the multi-family housing sector. This recognition motivates us to continue our mission of leading and serving with excellence.”


Some of the feedback from the surveys for GNAA included:

  • Friendly staff and good education;
  • GNAA creates many networking and education opportunities that create a wonderful environment to network with membership and learning opportunities;
  • GNAA is the most welcoming AA I have been involved with in my career. I especially love that committee meetings are also available via Zoom so that I can attend when traveling.
  • The level of involvement and access to info and mentors through committees, the education offered through programs like Leadership Lyceum. It’s not all one persona as well. Suppliers and industry professionals are all equally involved.
  • The Nashville association has a robust calendar with many opportunities available to its members – whether it's education offerings, networking events or volunteering. I have personally taken advantage of all the NAAEI credential courses at this association as their speakers are always top-notch. I also actively encourage my associates to attend their courses because I know they will take back things to apply to their jobs and improve our service to our clients.


Any score over 70 is considered outstanding.


“A chairman of the board of directors, I am honored to witness GNAA’s continued success and recognition on a national scale,” said Jen Mulholland, chairman of the board. “Our outstanding Net Promoter Score from the National Apartment Association speaks volumes about the dedication of our members and the tireless efforts of our association. We are committed to fostering a dynamic environment where industry professionals can thrive, connect and access unparalleled educational resources. This achievement reaffirms our commitment to excellence and inspires us to elevate the standards of the multi-family housing sector, not just in Greater Nashville, but across the nation.”


GNAA’s 2024 education schedule boasts 24 classes and testing days with courses ranging from HVAC certification and Certified Pool Operator certification to CAPS, CAMT and CALP, as well as many more options that allow members the opportunity to get ahead in their careers and have continuous learning opportunities.


In 2023, GNAA launched the LEAD program which is a leadership program and distinction for current and aspiring maintenance professionals complete with a development curriculum and as a means of helping maintenance professionals get involved in the association.


As part of GNAA’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, the association launched an RPM Careers Committee to focus on workforce development initiatives to build more relationships with key stakeholders to attract more people to the multi-family housing industry and to attend more job fairs across the Greater Nashville area.


“I am incredibly proud of the strides we’ve made in empowering and advancing professionals within the multi-family housing industry,” said Stephanie Liston, past chairman of the GNAA board of directors. “Launching initiatives like the LEAD program and the RPM Careers Committee reflects our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth at every level of our community. These programs not only provide invaluable leadership development opportunities but also pave the way for career advancement and excellence in our field. I am honored to have been a part of GNAA’s journey in championing innovations and inclusivity, and I look forward to seeing the continued impact of these initiatives in shaping the future of our industry.”


GNAA understands the importance of fostering connections and providing opportunities for professional growth beyond traditional education. While education is a significant aspect of the services, GNAA also prioritizes creating a platform for meaningful networking among our members.


The luncheons serve as invaluable occasions for managers and maintenance staff to forge connections with suppliers and industry peers who share similar roles and challenges. These gatherings are more than just meals; they're structured to facilitate engaging conversations and foster mutually beneficial relationships.


After hours, mixers offer a relaxed yet professional environment where networking seamlessly blends with enjoyable activities. GNAA recognizes the importance of balancing work with moments of leisure, and the mixers provide the perfect setting for both.


Additionally, GNAA takes great pride in organizing maintenance appreciation events and luncheons. These occasions are dedicated to honoring the hard work and dedication of maintenance employees across the association. It's a time for them to unwind, connect with fellow professionals, and feel appreciated for their contributions to the industry.


GNAA is one of the most inclusive apartment associations in the country with something for everyone to engage in and enjoy.