10 Tips to Make Your GNAA Trade Show Experience the Best Ever!


Whether you're a seasoned pro or brand new to having a booth at the GNAA Trade Show, we've compiled 10 ways you can maximize your trade show booth experience!

  1. Make a Great First Impression
    Studies show that your first impression has a high correlation with the actual long-term status of your relationship. Creative trade show booth ideas can give you a huge edge at the trade show.

  2. Focus on Developing Your Brand
    Focus on your brand and what sets your company apart from the competition. Pay attention to how you formulate your brand authenticity and be original. Have your own ideas at the forefront of everything you do and say during your trade show interactions.

  3. Be Welcoming
    Put on your brightest smile. Your trade show booth is nothing without a happy face. You are representing your business and need to show people that you are friendly and welcoming. From the first visitor to the last, you need to be professional and in a good mood.

  4. Work the Crowd
    Have your best salespeople on the floor. Make sure all trade show staff is well trained beforehand and are aware of the company’s strategy going in and how to utilize the resources provided. GNAA makes it easier for you to identify the attendees walking past your booth with color-coded attendee badges so you can start the conversation with something that will interest them specifically.

  5. Network By Mingling
    Mingle with someone new. You never know when that connection will lead you to the biggest job you've ever had!

  6. Extend Your Reach
    Promotional giveaways that are easily visible are a way to extend your booth’s reach. Hand out big stickers, wearables, light-up trinkets, etc. and turn it into a game. Those who wear your promo items have a chance to win something big at the end of the show. The more people you get to wear them, the more others will want one. It’s also a great conversation starter for attendees and your brand and booth are inserted into that conversation.

  7. Business Cards, Business Cards, and More Business Cards
    Business cards are an excellent way to build a marketing base. Collect as many as you can, hand out even more cards than you collect.

  8. Be Quick to Follow Up
    Follow up with leads soon after the show. The longer you wait the longer they have to forget who you are and what you said. Don’t be afraid of reaching out too quickly. Typically wait one day after the show to follow up with potential prospects. Waiting too long will dilute the connection.

  9. Set Goals
    Set some realistic goals for your business. What do you hope to accomplish at the trade show? Write down your goals and stick to them as much as possible as you carry on your day. Share these goals with your team to help guide each interaction with every prospect.

  10. Stop Selling - Start Gelling
    Don’t have your staff sell your product/service unless the prospects are interested in it. The way you gain interest is by being interested in others first. Ask questions about their company and where they came from first. Almost every time they will follow up by asking you the same. It’s much more natural than introducing your brand after you’ve introduced yourself.

The GNAA Trade Show is one of the rental housing industry's biggest networking opportunities in Tennessee, so make sure you capitalize on your GNAA experience to meet and greet with decision makers from across the industry!