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Want to close more sales this year? Work to improve your follow-up process.

Experience is the best teacher. Use your experience to identify what works for you as you turn leads into customers. The sales process includes generating leads, qualifying leads, making a presentation, following up and closing the sale. Let’s drill down into the process and
look at follow-up.

Twenty-seven years of experience in direct sales to multifamily communities has taught me the value of follow-up in the sales process. Successful follow-up requires a plan.

Elements of a Follow-up Plan

 Who? The decision-maker

What? As you follow up, ask if they have made a decision. Gather more information about their procedures to purchase products/services. Also, be prepared to offer something new. Update the quote if it has expired. Offer to write a scope of work to help them compare “apples to apples” for the final bid. Ask if their owner or up-line needs more information on the product or service.

When? Build in your first structured follow-up at the initial presentation by asking the customer when you can follow up. Schedule a follow-up to maintain contact with the customer through the buying process. Be careful not to “bother” your customer with frivolous follow-up. Have a purpose for every contact.

Where? Ask your customers how they wish to be contacted. E-mail or phone calls, texts or snail-mail
even! Adapt yourself to their preferred method of communication.

Why? To stay involved with the customer through the buying process. Be there to answer questions, provide information, overcome objections, and close the sale.

How? Develop and implement your follow-up plan. Be persistent. Call back. Text. E-mail. Snail mail. Network at trade events. Keep following up!

Using your experience to identify things that make you more effective and more efficient is a great place to start. Analyze your successful follow-ups that led to a closed sale. What did you do correctly? Look for small details that worked. Small changes added together can have a great impact. Repeat those behaviors until they become part of your normal process (a habit).

You will close more sales this year by improving your professional habits.

Want to close more sales? Follow up!