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Get Involved By Joining Committees 

Join as many as your schedule will allow. 

  • When you come to a committee meeting, remember to bring your business cards and pass them out as you introduce yourself. 
  • To help remember names, make a seating diagram on a sheet of paper and write the attendees’ names as the introductions are made.
  • Attending different committees will allow you to meet different people and board members – that’s why the more you can attend the better it is. 
  • It’s very important to attend monthly – to reinforce the connection you made last month and pick up new ones. 
  • Attend one and be done is NOT the way to work the GNAA. You must come and get involved in as many events as possible. Always have a goal to meet at least ONE person you do not know. Remember, this is your job – the more connections you make and the more you reinforce, the better off you will be. 

Attend Managers Luncheons 

  •  Approach this meeting a bit differently. Be sure not to sit with other suppliers – it’s very easy to do, but remind yourself that “I need to know managers.” 
  • Walk around and speak to those you know in the room. When you are in the food line, be sure to meet the person in front of and behind you. When you choose your seat, find one in the midst of management. It’s best to wait until most of the attendees have chosen their seats before you choose yours. You will notice there is always a seat open at a managers table; you just have to be “Hawkeye.” 
  • Once at your seat, be sure to meet everyone around you and pass out business cards too. 
  • Try to avoid sitting in the back. Look for a spot in the middle to the front area. 

Attend General Membership Meetings 

  • These meetings are attended by board members, regionals, and owners.
  • Arrive early and greet the board members as they enter the luncheon.
  • Study the directory before the meeting and know the faces you need to meet, then look for them at the General Membership Meeting. 
  • Find me, or another supplier, and we will introduce you.
  • Sit with management – they normally sit in the front to middle of the room. Avoid the back! 

Visit GNAA Member Properties

  • Always bring a goodie to each visit.
  • Learn the manager’s name. When you walk in, call them by their name: “I’m Jill with AMI. Is Rochelle available?”
  • Be aware – managers switch properties. There is a good chance when you go in and ask for someone that they no longer work there. I always blame the directory (haha) – that way they know where I got the name from in the first place.
  • Be prepared to give a 30-second elevator spiel when they come out to see you.
  • Be sure to visit on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • Avoid the first week of the month – rent is due and the office will be busy.
  • My 2019 goal was to meet all the managers in the GNAA directory. I came within 10 percent of meeting everyone.

Extra Tips

  • Have goals for each event. When I first started, my goal was to meet all the board members.
  • Study the Directory.
  • Wear logo apparel. I want everyone to not only know my name but my company’s name too. I usually wear a name badge to every event.
  • At each event, find someone you don’t know and meet them (I still do this). Recently, I was at the Legislative Committee and saw Norman Deep (board member) and I knew I needed to meet him – so I did. Then the lady beside him said, “I don’t know you either” so I met Elizabeth with Freeman Webb. It was pretty cool! 

Volunteer Whenever Possible

 All committees have areas to help. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Statistics Committee – volunteer to make calls to managers.
  • Membership Committee – volunteer to make welcome calls to new members.
  • Community Service – volunteer to help set up for Splash into Summer or King’s Daughter, or donate to the auction for Beer, Butts & BBQ.
  • Gala Committee – volunteer to help set up for the Gala.
  • News & Events – volunteer to write an article.
  • Sponsor events.
  • Invest your time by attending as many meetings, luncheons, and events as possible. 

Get Involved 

 If you need help getting involved, I would love to assist you in being successful in this industry. It takes work, and if you are willing I am willing to help! Just ask.

Need a little more encouragement?

 After just five months of attending A LOT of committee meetings, luncheons, and events, Tracy Crowe, the current GNAA Vice-Chairman, said, “Hey, Jill, how’s it going?” I thought to myself, “She knows my name.” That was just the start and now I look at how far God has brought me in the multifamily industry. 

Six months after “working” the association, I landed a nice job with GVA, and 18 months later the work continues to flow. The benefits of membership far outweigh the cost, but you have to invest time and effort into this association to get the payoff.

I remember Loyd with Bug Solutions saying when he started, he serviced eight properties, and now eight years later, he has 300 properties! It takes time to build, but I promise it’s worth it. 

GNAA membership really does work!