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2019 Board of Directors

 Stephanie Burns, CAM, NALP, CAPS
The Grove Richland/Whitworth

Zac Ward, CPM
Chairman Elect
Freeman Webb
Stacey Holt, CAM
Vice Chairman
Bell Franklin Gateway

Tracy Crowe
Ashton Brook

Andrew Klahn, CAM, CAPS,

Immediate Past Chairman
Fogelman Property Management

JD Wright
Associates Representative
Universal Media Group

Ron Koman
Maintenance Representative
Lighthouse Property Management

Giovanna Suastegui
Managers Representative
The Blue Note

Valerie Hirsbrunner
Suppliers Director
BG Multifamily
Loyd Owen
Suppliers Director
Bug Solutions

Jennifer McCoy, Esq.
Suppliers Director
Law Office of Jennifer McCoy

Dwayne Rawls
Suppliers Director
Wheeler, Inc.

Lacey Smithson, NALP
Suppliers Director

Anne Adams, CAM, NALP
Management Director
Arlington Properties

Melanie Brink

Management Director

The Monroe
Chloe Evans
Management Director
FirstService Residential


Tina Hamor

Management Director

Buckingham Companies

Sully Lemmons, CPM
Management Director
Freeman Webb

Stephanie Liston
Management Director
Lighthouse Property Management

Katherine Morrow, CAM
Management Director
Lincoln Property Company

Jenn Mulholland
Management Director
Lincoln Property Company

Lori Torres
Management Director
Brookside Properties

Dee Wilson
Management Director
Freeman Webb

Diane Mason, CAMT, CPO
Maintenance Director
Vertis Green Hills

Dale Smith
Maintenance Director
The Grove at Waterford Crossing

Norman Deep
Wes Hall, Esq.
Legal Advisor
Law Office of Hall & Associates

Richard L. Wright, CPM

Past Chairmen of the Board:  Tammy Lee, CAM, Elmington Property Management (2014); Shelley James, CAM, Greystar (2013); Mary Bradley, Arlington Properties (2007); Brad Cather, CPM, HCCP, SCHM, Elmington Property Management (2008); Kirby Davis, Freeman Webb Companies (2002); Jackson Downey, Downey Management Co. (1984); Faye Ellis, CPM, Institute of Real Estate Management Greater Nashville (1991); Diana English, HND Realty, LLC (2017); Andy Gass, ARM, Timmons Properties (1997); Barbara Haynes (2000); Chari Lewis, CAM, CAPS, Evergreen Real Estate (2009); Linda Mason, CAPS (2010); Stacy Molen, CAM, NTS Development Co. (2015); Harold  Morris, CPM (1990); Nancy Morris, ARM, Freeman Webb Companies (1996); Linda Page, CPM, ARM, Stewart’s Ferry (1998, 2005); Ellen Parker, Brookside Properties (2004); Lisa Swick, CAPS, Bell Partners (2017); Rita Wilkinson, CPM, ARM, The Preserve at Brentwood (2003); Joyce Wolfe, ARM, HND Management (1995)